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Sic Boy Federation 2003
Band Line Up

Hendrix Dead Boy: Vocal & Creative Input

Rick The Fat Bus Driver From Rigby: Guitars & Vocals

The Badaxe From The Fantastics: Bass & Vocals

Willard the sewer rat: drums

It all started With My Band "The Seats of Piss".
Hendrix Dead Boy & Gabba Four Cocks Who Went on To Guitar For Chaos UK.Fish Net Tights Garters & Pigs Heads Loads Of Blood and Thrash Songs
Even Before Thrasher or Mosh Was Created When Earache Records.
Dig Was a Baby Boy Back In The Late Seventies.
From There on It Got Madder and Madder.

Sic Boy Federation:

Hendrix Dead Boy Witchfinder General Was Injected With L.S.D in 1958.
Raised With Screaming Lord Sutch on The Road With Alvin Stardust as Well Great Days of Youth With The Surgical Equipment.
I Created The Sic Boys Which Wrote and Played Music To Send People Insane.
Influenced people To Kill Themselves When Listening To our Music.
Crucified Dossers on Stage Baptised The Crowd With Red Stripe and Fired Bangers From out of His Arse.
Screaming With Women's Dresses on taking L.S.D. throwing Paint Everywhere Seeing How Many Pints of Piss We Could Drink Before Being Sic Boy.
Shagging blow Up Dolls In Marc Almonds Flat In Soho Throughing Them out of The Windows at Dossers In The Street.
Shag Your Mother like Your Father Dose and Don't Forget To Come To My Funeral Watching Sic Boy Videos Is The Best Flashback In My Life.
Night Mare City Bastard Interviewing Dossers To Fill In Application Forms To Appear on The Crucifixes Just Ask Any Dosser and They Will Tell You
That We are Insane.


I'm Only Influenced By Myself which I Study Photographic Material of Myself on Stage.
To Send Me More Madder Sic and Insane, Gutted and on Display In You Local Butchers Shop Biffa Boy Give a Dosser a Bone.
Through Bones To The Bus Driver.
It Give Me New Idea's and To Create New Stage Ideas To Shock The Dossers Who Pay To Come and See Us.
We are Working on Having Nurses Running around the Stage With Babies Prams on Fire.

(Run Through The House With My Babies Pram on Fire With My Cunt Stitched
Up With Fishing Wire. 000024 Pints) Red Stripe Mainly Influences me Ice Cold.
I Like To Influence People To Go Insane When Watching

I Like To Watch Myself on Telly
My Mothers Got a Big Belly
She Drink Lots of Sherry
Blood Guts and Jelly.

Looking out of The Aeroplane Window
Seeing Fagin Hanging onto The Planes Wings With a Woman's Dress on Car Crashes/Planes Crashes/Train Crashes Influence Us.
I'm So Proud That My Mothers a Prostitute.

Favourite Gigs:

To Many To Mention I Enjoyed The Marlyn Manson Gig In Hamilton Canada When He Slashes Up His Chest
With a Broken Budwieser Bottle Real Horror Show Wasp With old
Blackie and His Pigs Heads Which He Gave To Us After The Show,
We Took Them Home and Feed Them To Cheeseburgers Rotwieller.

The Sex Pistols Reunion Tour Which We Did In Two Taxis Full of Red Stripe ask Darren Russell about That one.

Supergrass Live on Radio one At Rock City Nottingham oh'
The Blow Up Dolls all are arriving They Are Being Carried Through The Doors Right Now,
I Must Say I've Never Seen Blow Up Dolls at a Gig Before Said This Twat From Radio one.

The Sic Boy Crew Chanted Sheep Shagger Throughout The Night Launching Blow Up Dolls Into The Crowd Then Came The Blow up Sheep Still Chanting Sheep Shagger at The Band all Recorded Live To The Nation.

To Top It All,
Ten Blow Up Dolls
Ten Blow Up Sheep
Ten Blow Up Pigs at The Primal Scream Gig All Arriving In The Stretch Limo Daz Russell Was With Us as Well.

All The Fuck Reading Gigs Back Stage Loads of Shouting and Screaming.
Daft Punk With Daz Russell on Acid With The £500.00 Latex Blow Up Dolls
Crowd Surfing all Night Andy Copping The Promoter Thought That He Was
Having a Bad Acid Trip My Favourite Band are The Anti Nowhere League.
I Like It When He.
As His Axe out on Stage I Try To Get Animal To Shag a Blow Up Doll on Stage
When He Sings Streets of London But He Said I'd Leave That one For You Biffa.
We Are Very Good Friends Always In Touch.
To Many other Gigs To Mention Loads of Drinking and Shouting.


Touring Is The Best-Job That I've Had Since I Left School Especially The Word "ROOM SERVICE".


Well I Guess Punk Is To Shock The local Dossers or Mr & Mrs Normal of Life or Mrs Jones Next Door.
Well I Always Feel at Home With Punks and Goths,
I Enjoy Visits To Whitby I Normally Visit Whitby With a Famous Devil Worshipper From Nottingham Punky Wayne or Waynes World Which I Call Him
He Did Security For The Kray Twins For a Long Time Has Friends With Some Right People Behind Bars Even Dennis Neilson Writes To Him.

Well He Takes Me To all The Famous Places In Whitby We Normally Drink 24 Cans of Red Stripe Travelling There With 3 Blow Up Dolls In His Car His Good Lady Normally.
Drives us there.
I Like To Visit Stone Circles around Britain That Recharges My Batteries.
We Must Sometime Do a Song Called Spray It Black That's My Favourite Colour.
If I Leave My Curtains' open at Night Time The Evil Spirits Start To Bang on My Window In The Dead of Night.
Punk Rock Is Nailing a Voodoo Doll To You Next-Door Neighbours Front Door Sorry No Goldfish Until Next Wednesday 200 Hundred Goldfish Somersaulting
Towards Ripley In Real Life Nothing Is Real.
I Love To See People that Hate Us, Its So Good To See Them Take It a So Serious and Get Mr Angry.

They Dream of Hells Angels Burning Their Houses Down With Them In It Late at Night.

Yes Punk Rock It all Comes From The Rocky Horror Show Years Images Dress Code Hairdo's and Alsatians.
The Real Punks Must Be over 40 Years old Know It Makes Me Piss My Pants The Younger Sproges are So Confused With The New Alice Cooper of The 90's Marlyn Manson It Good Fun Although It's all Been Done Before which I Enjoy Doing Myself 148 Pubs In Weymouth.

Did The Bouncers Clap When You Drank 24 Bicardis and Coke I Heard The-Slut Scream When The Car Tyre Went over Here Neck.
okay Dossers See You all Down The Front out For Light Me Johnny You Look Pretty Stupid Hanging Up Side Down.

Bad Habits:

Shot Gun's of Red Stripe for breakfast, drinking 24 Pints of Red Stripe a day Driving Around The City of Bastards In The Stretch Limo With The Blow Up Dolls Hanging out of The Windows.
Screaming At Various Doormen at Public Houses Throughout The City, oh' There Goes Hendrix Dead Boy In The Stretch Limo With The Blow Up Dolls.
Beating Students Up With Knuckle Dusters on When on L.S.D. or Even Better When Cheese Burger Bites Their Noses off on a Thursday Night.
Pulling Dossers Trousers Down When They Are Pissed and Passed out,
Then Shit on Their Stomachs Pull Their Pant Up Then Stand on Their Stomachs Until They Wake Up.
Snorting Fire Extinguishers Being Raised By Hells Angels At Rock City Being Employed By Them To Get Pissed and Keep Their Bike Shows Looking Clean and Tidy.
Always on The Guest List Access all area,
Meeting Too Many Pop Stars Back Stage and Impressing Them By Drinking To Much and Taking Dangerous Drugs.
Getting Max Splodge To Drink 24 Cans of Red Stripe,
Then To Go on Stage With Us To Go on Stage and Shag a Blow Up Doll With His Face Mask on (Bath Pavilion) Take L.S.D in The Euro Disney Hotel Paris.

Go Out To Play With Rick The Guitarist The Fat Bus Driver From Rigby With our Blow Up Dolls We Flash our Bent Knobs To Various Dossers In Doncaster From The Upper Deck of His Bus.

Drowning Blow Up Dolls In Hotel Baths and Many Other Things Which We Would Probably Get 10 Years For Telling You.